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Websalvage will help you with your eBusiness strategy and implementation:

  • Concepts, feasability, ideas
    Do you have an idea for a website? - something that nobody else has done?, or one you think you could do better? We offer impartial advice, and our initial discussions are free (after signing a non disclosure agreement).
  • Strategy / planning
    If you donít know the best way to get your business or organisation onto the web, or how to maximise traffic or revenues - The Web Salvage Company can help.
  • eCommerce
    Sell it online? Sure thing!
  • eMarketing
    Effective and inexpensive ways to promote your business online. We can help you with a a strategy and plan to increase your traffic without spending a fortune...
  • eLearning
    On line learning, eLearning, Blended learning - whatever you call it we've done it. Cost effective ways to communicate.
  • CRM
    Do you keep track of and in touch with your customers? If not - you are not maximising your opportunities.
  • web/intranet/extranet
    Simply Web design
  • Business processes
    If you have process that is part of your business and you want make it more accessible and more efficient online...
  • Online presentations
    online powerpoints - get your point across.
  • New Media & Multimedia
    Cdroms, streaming media, podcasts...
  • Visioning
    what does the future hold? - are you ready?
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